Some more family cards, slideshows, articles, and more

The Odyssey of a Navy Family: Our family trip around the world in only four years: across the U.S., life in Japan and the Philippines and tour through Europe. As told by my father for the Navy’s All Hands Magazine.

Mom’s Funeral Service Trip Diary: A diary of Sam and my trip for Mom’s burial service at Arlington National Cemetary in 2007. A car fire and lots of other exciting things!

Gramps the Marathon Man! An interview of my grandfather, and namesake, in the Worcester Evening Gazette of his running of the Boston Marathon in 1921 on a bet.

Mom & Dad: Various videos, pics and memories of my Father and Mother, who passed away in 2000 and 2007, respectively.

Christmas Cards: Our family Christmas cards over the past few years.

Some other goodies below:

Kathleen & Rose Profiled in UMass Alumni Magazine

Red & Mary Ellen’s Wedding Album

Click on to see the slideshow of Kathleen's tip to the Carribean with Linda and Anita.

Click here to see a slideshow of Kathleen and Sam's trip to Tanzania.