Mother’s Day Memories 2016

There were two sides of the coin with my mother. She was alternately the most warm and generous person and sometime something else — like all of us I suppose.

I could tell you about the dozens of people that she took off the street, including the drunk Indian couple and their kids, but today I’m going to reveal an incident that reveals her more mischievous side.

In the mid 60’s we were living in Fairfax Virginia and we were all piled in the back of the family station wagon and things were starting to get a bit out of hand. I was torturing Mike, who was beating on Bob and so on down the family food chain. Mom was screeching (Mike said that her exact words were, “You kids better quiet down or I’ll drive this car off a cliff!”.) at the top of her lungs and that was not stabilizing the situation, so she started going faster and faster and soon, we were all flying weightless and crying and begging here to slow down.

She did and it was quiet for the rest of the trip.