Just one of my favorite Red McEwen stories…

Ten years ago today we lost a great guy, my father in law, Red McEwen.

At the time it was really a kick in the head. We had just lost my nephew and father in previous months, so we were pretty numb at that point.

The Story:

So, Kathleen and I are dating and sitting around the McEwen family dinner table in Arlington, Mass. The were the usual assortment of daughters and boyfriends, etc.

Red: “Biff, pass the potatoes.”

One of the girls: “Daaaad, his name’s not Biff, it’s Bill.” (Or something like that.)

Red: “Awww, what the hell. Biff, Bill, Bob…when I see him walk down the aisle, maybe I’ll learn his name.”

Pretty funny! I guess when you have 5 daughters, you get a little tired of the constant cast of characters that show up at your dinner table.

Everybody loved Red.  Click on the pic below to see Red and Maryellen’s wedding album.